Multi holes anchorage

Anchorage and PC Strand widely used for road,railway,bridge,building,TV tower,tunnel ,water conservancy,mining facilities and other construction projects of prestressed tensioning anchor systems.




1,Grade:40Cr high carton steel, improve the metallographic structure to increase strength.

  C:0.42%, Si:0.26%, Mn:0.66%, Cr:0.96% , S:0.05%, P:0.013%

2,Inspection: flaw detection, deoxidation, hardness to guarantee quality.

3,Standard:ISO9001-2008 & GB/T3999-1999.

4,Heat treatment: Nitriding, quenching, tempering , the computer control process parameters of multi-purpose furnace.

5,Holes from 1 to 55 , also we can OEM base on your drawing.

6,Quality Test Report expressed you together with other original documents.


Compare the anchor head diameter and width with other suppliers , you will find the reason of different price.

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