Barrel and Wedge

anclaje tipo barril con su cuña para torón de 12,7mm y 15,24mm


1,Grade: 40Cr for barrel ,20CrMnTi for wedge.

2,Standard Size: 9.53mm , 12.70mm,15.24mm,15.70mm,17.80mm,21.80mm , 28.60mm,other size produce base on your drawing.

3,Wedge type: 2 or 3 parts section.

4,Hardness: barrel with HAC 25-28, wedge with HRA79.5-83

5,Anchor coefficient: >=0.95%

6,Total strain at ultimate tensile force:>,2.0%

7,Standard: GB/T14370-2007


8,Package: plastic carton+wooden case

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